We’re the same! 

Talking to a few people close to my heart, I told them I feel like Lucky.  Lucky is my dog, she is a rescue dog paralyzed from the waist down. When I first found her, when I tried to pick her up, she ran away. I thought that was normal, she doesn’t know me, she’s... Continue Reading →

Healing Hurts

I am not sure where we get the idea that time heals all wounds, that statement sort of dissolves the pain that you encounter while healing. The idea that time heals all wounds is one of the biggest lies that our culture has embedded within society. Time may allow for a scab to form over... Continue Reading →

Listening to the Voices

Fear is a strange thing. Fear paralyses, and fear boosts you ahead. I'm not sure if you can apply the same situation to both ends of the spectrum. I am scared that I am not good enough, so fear can either paralyse me because i believe that lie, or i can choose to defy all... Continue Reading →

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