Laser pity 

It's that look of disappointment. A look of shame from the people that mean most to you. And that you've failed them, again... Everyone tells you what to do, you can see how they feel with a look of pity. But these looks are not just glances that pass with a split second; they are... Continue Reading →


That looks like it’s gonna leave a mark! 

I am such an idiot. If this was a physical wound, I would have bandaged it up; removed the bullet. Applied compression and cleaned it out from all the gunk. But not with this wound. This wound has been open for years. It's a deep one, but surely nothing takes that long to heal. But... Continue Reading →


Do you ever look at your face and realise that it's not the same, not in the sense that you're aging.. but your features change.  Every. Single. Time.  I used to think I was weird because honestly I'd forget what I look like. I can't seem to figure out which one is real. They say... Continue Reading →

Locking Purpose 

When you find a purpose for your life, the calculations you make in your mind start to change. Because you have a purpose, your mind doesn't seem to have a problem to do something a little extra tiring, because you know it's worth it. But moving from day to day like they are all the... Continue Reading →

"Wishes don't appear in your lap, you at least have to do the bare minimum to provide a landing strip for that wish"-J.Leon


I don't think you will ever comprehend the number of sleepless nights. The tears I cried over you. There's anger, and there is just ... a hollow pain. It's not a pain of emptiness, you were physically here, but I never had you, you were always somewhere else. Bit by bit you carved out my... Continue Reading →

Conditional love

All we've ever known in this world is conditional love, even from the closest people in our lives who love us to bits, it's been conditional. Maybe some people are better at it and have less conditions for loving you, but it's still conditional. You will  hurt them at some point and something will change... Continue Reading →

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