Easier said than done 

It’s so easy when you think about the practicality of things. You sit, you put a plan, and you execute. 
Need to lose weight? Diet

Need to build muscle? Go to the gym 

Need to make friends? Expand your circle

Need to move on? Forgive 

Need to work on your depression and anxiety? Go to counseling. 

Every problem has a solution. The issue isn’t that we don’t know what we need to do. 
Try it.

Meet someone, start telling them a story of another person who needs to help: stuck in a slump, or just unhappy; they will be able to identify the points that need attending to, most likely they will even give you a course of action that is advised. 

But putting these plans doesn’t account for the heaviness that weighs you down. The heaviness that swallows all your plans like a black hole. You feel your feet are planted in the ground… You wish they were planted, that would mean that you’re at least staying where you are… but you are sinking.  

When you see someone in struggling it’s easy to tell them what to do because you are detached.  

You are not the one who has to deal with the gruesome emotions of failing over and over, betrayal, rejection, and hurt.

We engulf ourselves in the struggles of others because if we take a second to look at ourselves we’d realize we are the ones who are in dire need of guidance and help.

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