Healing Hurts

I am not sure where we get the idea that time heals all wounds, that statement sort of dissolves the pain that you encounter while healing. The idea that time heals all wounds is one of the biggest lies that our culture has embedded within society.

Time may allow for a scab to form over a small cut in your hand, but in terms of our souls? Most of the humans you see walking down the streets are in agonizing pain;  if emotional pain were to appear on physical bodies, there would be so many people walking around with bone/ organ deep open wounds that are not being treated.

Bare with me here this may a get a little graphic for some:

We often cast aside any emotional pain, not addressing it, adopting this motto: “time heals all wounds.” Now tell me this, if you had a cut from your last rib to your naval so deep that you can almost see your organs, would you not go to a Dr. so he can stitch you up?

But no no, you just go ahead and adopt that statement, ‘time heals all wounds’ and watch what happens. You put on a really nice shirt and you think you look awesome for a couple of seconds, but blood starts to seep through your shirt. Whatever you do you will have blood on your clothes, everything you do will be stained in blood. At first you will change your shirt a couple of times, and then what? You realize that the only way for you to get out of the house is to walk around with a stained shirt right? Plus it’s what you’ve seen other people do so it must have some element of truth to it, right? Only to have you realize throughout the day that you have old blood stains along with new ones, and the smell is horrid. It’s that smell when you pass by a dead cat. What do you try to do? You try to spray some perfume on it…

This seems like utter bullshit right? Wrong. We all do that. We are all walking around with gaping wounds that are constantly bleeding into everything we do, and the STANK is just HORRID. Our actions, emotions and thoughts, reek of blood, they reek of pain; and all we do? Spray some perfume over it, try to do whatever it is that you do in your real life to cover up for those horrid things that control your mind.

But why do we do this? Because we think that walking around with blood stains and stank is more bearable than having a doctor stitch us up. But we do not realize that the longer we keep this up the more damage occurs, you lose blood. You lose energy, the wound drains you until you can no longer do anything. Your organs start shutting down, your body shuts down. The same with your soul, it cannot handle the constant pain, so it shuts down, you no longer feel the pain in your soul, not because it does not exist, but because you have chosen to not address it. The soul can function when it is shut down, in terms that you will not physically die, but you will no longer feel. Nothing will make you happy, nothing matters. But you, you know what I am talking about all too well don’t you?

And you’ll say this, “But it’s not just a matter of stitches I need to get! I need to restart, relearn everything from the very beginning…”

You are absolutely right, the problem with the soul is not that it needs a couple of stitches that you clean and change every couple of days/ weeks, but it needs a program, with discipline and perseverance, and that requires energy. But you don’t have that anymore…There are no ambulances for the souls. Funnily enough it is when you go and put yourself in the middle of the burning flame is when all the dirt and shit falls off the gold. Yes; you got that right, to me healing is like putting myself through a burning flame, that’s how much healing hurts.

Healing hurts because you need to actively go to the fire everyday, to clean out the dirt you keep on collecting. The toughest part is when you’ve been in the fire and you start to realize how much, effort, dedication, and perseverance it takes. You also realize the pain you will feel, and  you willingly go back for the promise of a better you, of a whole you. One that feels.


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    1. Yep yep! TLC is one track of healing, but there are so many diverse ways, we need to find out what works for us- each person needs different dosages of things depending what stage they are at in their life and the circumstances that they are passing through.

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