Territory of the heart

via Daily Prompt: Territory

“She is mine.”

Getting to know someone comes in phases. Moving from attraction to comfort, the phase where we start being who we are, rather than the masks we wore. There’s a sense of belonging. Attachment.

The belonging is beautiful. Someone who feels like home, who isn’t too much work. Someone who accepts you for who you truly are, and not the masks you wear.

But that’s not what happened with you, was it?

He called you his.

He placed chains around your heart, long enough that no one would notice anything from the outside, but close enough that he would claim you as his own. He’s chained you to his core. He bantered with you, about your insecurities that you constantly have to feel low about yourself. But if you ever said anything, his response would be “Why do you take everything so seriously?”

His words were like swords that cut through you, because you were never enough.

His glances which were once of desire have turned into glances of comparison, because you were never enough.

And this is what drives me insane, if you were not enough, why did he keep you as his own?

Greedy bastard.

Because you are enough, always will be.

You are your own. You are nobody’s territory.

You are your own.

I know it’s not easy to walk away when you have a chain that is wrapped around your heart that weighs a ton. But chains and territories have never had a place in love.

Love is a choice that is made. You deserve to be a priority and not an option. He is so afraid that once you find out that he is no good for you that you would leave him; and that would mean another knife in the wound of rejection, and so he marks you as his own before you realise that he cannot satisfy you, not because he is not able, but because he chooses to put himself first.


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