The Monkey Controlling You

“When you take a step in the right direction, all hell breaks loose.”

I never realized the extent to which the monkey truly will do everything to keep you where you are. What monkey? The one in your mind (click here)

You’ve grown to give him the spotlight, changes in your life means that you will have to silence him, he will no longer be in control; and NO ONE wants to be dethroned. But don’t you realize what has happened? He dethroned you! You are no longer the one in control anymore, the monkey has made you a slave to him.

The monkey is after your wants, your lust, your desire.Only if you take a look at yourself, you’re half naked and barely making it through life alive because the monkey is feeding your wants. But what you actually need? It is out of sight and out of reach.

You’ve become so distant to the things you need that you no longer even know how to ask for them or look for them. You don’t even know where to start.

The problem is that as time goes on the monkey gains intelligence and strategies about how to keep himself in control. There is nothing wrong with feeding your wants, but not at the cost of your needs. He is making you sacrifice what you actually need, for a want. Wants are momentary. It is like pouring water into a bucket that has holes in it, you will never be able to fill that bucket, you will always be an empty bucket.

So after you muster up the courage to take a tiny step, satisfaction comes rolling in. Your mind goes, “See? You CAN do this, it’s not that bad.”

From that point I realized that the monkey has strategies.

In taking that step, the monkey will find a way to keep you there. After he loses the battle to that first step, he’ll make you feel like you are back in control. That you are in fact the one controlling your wants and needs.

“Who said you couldn’t do it and that you are trapped? See? Good for you. Anyways,  I’m just chilling here, if you want to come join me. I think after what you just did, you deserve a break.” BAM. He’s got you back into his palm, thinking that what you did was enough to prove that you are okay, and don’t need to do anything else. He’ll get you thinking that you took one step today, you are able, do step two when it is convenient for you, you’ll be able to do it whenever you please. He’ll dangle in front of you momentary desires and pleasures that still seep through the holey bucket.
In another attempt to keep you down, if you don’t fall into the first strategy because you’ve fell into it too many times. So now that you know what you have to do and you have a bullet proof plan and a support system to help you from falling into the first strategy.


Now that you are working on (insert monkey struggle here) everything else in your life goes wrong. Your boss at work gives you a warning, even though you’ve been working really hard but can’t seem to breakthrough. Your mom falls terribly ill suddenly. Your partner decides that this isn’t working, even though you actually see that things are looking up. It just all goes wrong.

And so, he tells you, “You know what? Today seems like it’s a hard day, don’t try to change the world. Change is not for today.Just get through today and then we’ll see.”

You were ready, you had a bulletproof plan, only it didn’t include All Hell Breaking Lose.



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