He’s Controlling Your Mind!

Split was an excellent depiction of how real the different voices inside your head are. Sure, I know you’ll say that you don’t have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or now what is known as Dissociative identity disorder (DID) ; but in my point of view, you sorta do.

Everyone has different facets to their personality, the extent to which you can differentiate the different personalities is based on how clear cut they are, they are just allowed to come out/take the spot in different levels.

There are 3 different levels:

  1. Medically diagnosed as DID
  2. The monkey
  3. Cube

Medically Diagnosed as DID

The personalities are different people inhabiting the same body, they are not just different parts of the character. They are separate entities. Just like you know Moe, Ahmed, and Sarah, the personalities know each other. They each have a distinct thought process, behaviors, appearance, to the extent of different talents, knowing different things, like playing an instrument or the knowledge of a language- multiple personalities inhabiting the same body.

She was a conservative lady, she covered her body and face with the Niquab. I met her in a group therapy, unknowing to her condition; I  sat next to her. She too was very quiet and drawn back like me.

The only thing was, I was told she is a ticking time bomb, and I didn’t quite understand what that meant. I knew  that people have different faces, but never had I experienced such a change. Her second personality, was quite different. Open. Sexually open, to anything and anyone.

They knew each other very well, they hated each other.

You could tell that they were  different people, one body, different behaviors, and different appearances.I never questioned which one I was dealing with in the group because it was so apparent.

She started off with 7 personalities, and now they were down to two. She had to kill the rest of them. (I am serious)

The Monkey

The monkey pops in your head, he controls your mind, it’s you; but its not you. It’s like he’s taken control over aspects that you just can’t seem to regain back. He pops up takes control, takes the spot, acts in a certain way then leaves you to deal with the consequences.

He talks to you.

The monkey started out as a thought, the more you entertained these thoughts he intertwined himself with your mind, your wants, and your needs. Until today. Today you reached a point you yourself no longer can separate the monkey from you.

Same outer appearance, different thoughts, different behaviors.

The monkey can be tamed, I’ve seen him caged.


Cubes have 6 faces, but unless you mark one of them (different colour/ mark) you will never know which face you have in front of you. The person you are dealing with may not seem to have clear distinct changes apparent as the monkey or DID, but you know that you haven’t met this side of them before. Each side has different perceptions and behaviors, though  it appears to be that this side is the same in color and size and everything, but something is just different about them.

It is not wrong to  have different sides to your personality, and that they in fact battle inside you, it means that you are moving, growing. I think the problems start to arise when you let one side take over all the time.  You are three dimensional, with Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul.



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