You, my friend are not a ballerina. 5c3fcf603c571209841d8a3214ab4db4

You were not made to always be on your tippy toes, always trying to seem like you are taller than you really are, so that those around you will acknowledge you.

But the problem isn’t that your toes are sore from always  reaching up, it’s your perception. You see yourself as unworthy.

Unworthy of people’s time. 

Unworthy of people’s love.

Unworthy of people’s care. 

You are always striving, striving to keep these aspects flowing into your life, because you fear that being you, being you completely and utterly you… well, that just won’t do. Your mind plays tricks on you telling you that if you stop striving, and relax; that if you take off these masks of perfection, service to all, and confetti love that you throw around everywhere, not being able to say no to anyone, then surely people won’t be as accepting of you.

Now we all know that the next part of the blog should say that: HEY! If they don’t love you for the real you, then they don’t really love you. But you and I both know that this is merely a piece of knowledge in the brain, yet it does not transfer to real life.

Letting people see who you truly are is a bold move, because some people will hate you for it, and when you are constantly trying to satisfy your heart with love, having people ditch in hate is very overwhelming to deal with.

But with all that energy that you are using to please others in becoming whom they want you to be/ who you think you are, you will be using that energy to first be okay with who YOU are, because trust me, after all this time of hiding and refusing to really take the time to look and appreciate yourself,  I am sure that there are aspects of you that you didn’t even know they existed.

And if you take some time to be who you are, after the people’s rage of you no longer doing what you did in return for their love, you’ll figure that some people were truly doing what they did because they saw YOU. They saw YOU behind the masks of perfection, service to all, and confetti love that you throw around everywhere, not being able to say no to anyone; they really did see you.

You, the imperfect one, are worthy.

You, the one who isn’t serving everyone around them, are worthy.

You, who doesn’t throw love around like confetti in a wedding, are worthy.

With your struggles you are worthy.

With your flaws, you are worthy.

Yeah, you.





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