Locking Purpose 

When you find a purpose for your life, the calculations you make in your mind start to change. Because you have a purpose, your mind doesn’t seem to have a problem to do something a little extra tiring, because you know it’s worth it.

But moving from day to day like they are all the same and knowing that you are just aimlessly floating in the sea, every crash in the waves will seem more like a lash, being whipped rather than something bringing you closer to the home land. You will sit and question is there any point to this pain? Why me? Why am I not getting anywhere?
I refuse to believe that you were born in vain. Yeah, you. With all your messing up and screwing around, I know that there is a purpose you are here for.
There are times you will get caught up in the raging sea, and lose sight of the island, but it doesn’t mean that the island doesn’t exist. Just because you can’t see it or that you’re lost, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. But see even with that, purpose isn’t being depicted right.

Your purpose is not a destination that you tirelessly swim to alone in the raging sea.I think that many times it may feel like so, but I think it makes more sense for it to be on the streets of NYC; where there are so many people going and coming, and if you get lost you will walk tirelessly. But you are not alone, and it’s not about the location you are going to. It’s about who you meet on the way, taking time to look into people’s eyes, to really look into there souls; because although you are going to that location alone, there are so many that are walking in the same direction.

And in the midst of the people, you may feel lonely. Lonely but not alone- that’s when you reach out. Reach out to that person whom your eyes lock in with. If this was a movie, there would be a closeup on how intense their eyes are, because they too have that urge of there missy be more than walking with your face down being bashed on the shoulder by commuters going to and fro.

Lock in eyes with the people who are looking at you, searching for you, asking for your presence, they need you. They need you to be you, you don’t know what just being there triggers in their mind…Even if it’s just for a block while you walk in the same direction.

Hey, I’m looking at you.


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