Conditional love

All we’ve ever known in this world is conditional love, even from the closest people in our lives who love us to bits, it’s been conditional. Maybe some people are better at it and have less conditions for loving you, but it’s still conditional. You will  hurt them at some point and something will change inside them. There are those who will work tirelessly on themselves and on the forgiveness process to not let  that affect them… and to those, I have immense respect for.

May you have the chance to meet someone who tells you:

“Regardless of your flaws, I am here to stay.

I will be patient towards you, and in your limited-ness  I will not be angry with you why you don’t have it all together; and this kindness won’t change. Time and time you come to me and I will RUN to you with open arms. I am not keeping a list of your wrongs and the times you hurt me. When you pass through hard times my heart is moved by your pain, but the moment you see, experience and understand the truth of this, I am overwhelmed with joy, because you finally get it.

But until then, I will protect you, I will trust, and I always have hope that you will come out on the other side of this fighting, I will persevere, push with you through the storm, because I am here to stay.”



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