Burning bridges 

I know not everyone is supposed to stay in our lives forever. But I can’t help but not want to burn bridges. I don’t want to. I don’t believe in burning bridges. 

You can never replace a person. And I’ve been hurt, but I’ve never turned that hurt into anger to the extent where I burn the bridge. I wish I could. I think things are easier when bridges are burnt because in order to reach the other side, there has to be a great deal of effort placed to do so. 

However, when you don’t burn the bridge you allow for people to access your island without doing the work needed. Crossing the bridge is taken for granted, not a treasured blessing. 

I need to learn to burn my bridges so that people who don’t want to work can’t access me, but then there’s always a fear of: “I’m making a big mistake!” 

People can’t be replaced, and I can see jewels in them, and you want me to toss them out?! I think the problem is that this is not a bridge, we are intertwined; burning means that I’ll be burnt too, and I don’t think I can stand the heat. 


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