We were brought up to see that we are special, that we are capable of achieving great things. That as individuals we can do anything we put our mind to…I know a couple of you would interrupt me at this point and tell me, “Of course you can!” My response to that is: meh.

Now to everyone else:

I feel like we are fed through an IV since birth with words and notions  that build up our self esteem; that we are able, special, and that we can be anything. It’s a little bit like steroids:

We get buff

And we get buff


Once we finish school, they take us off the IV and tell us we are ready to face the world, only to figure out that we don’t have the muscles needed to compete in the race of life. It’s just on the outside, put it into action: useless.

My problem isn’t with the fact that our parents/society want/s to encourage us and help us believe in ourselves to reach for the stars. My problem is with the setting  of unrealistic expectations. The feeling that you will graduate, get an average job, and then your boss will realize HOW AMAZING YOU ARE! And will bump you up.

No one tells you about the slumps. About the plateaus of life, and how to get out of them. No one tells you and equips you for the failure you are BOUND to face, not because you are a failure, but because it’s part of life.

I think parents have tried so hard to shelter their kids from the feeling of being a failure that when it happens in the real world, one blow to the head and you’re out of the game!

“What will people say? They see I’m investing in this so much, I don’t want people to pity me if it fails.”

“I’ve been so afraid that I would invest my time in something so much, only to figure out  that my time was wasted on the pathetic project rather than doing something worth while.”

That’s all a byproduct of the feeling that we are special,  and will change systems and processes, and make breakthroughs; all straight out of college!

I think that it’s also because of the culture that we live in, “You have to be number 1, a winner!” And if you are not number 1? You are nothing!

Life really is not a competition. No one really cares about where you reach, and those who do are either your family or some random guy in college that just wanted to see you fail.

Even if you ask the person who is ranked 1st, in the eyes of society whether Phelps, or Queen B they will tell you that the applause fades and in the end you are left with YOU.

So rather than be so consumed with where you are supposed to be, focus on here and now; let yourself make bad decisions, go down the ‘wrong’ path, fail. It’s okay. Those pieces you pick up from these ‘series of failures, bad experiences’ will give you the muscles needed to compete in the race of life.

And with sometime, you may have a fighting chance to achieve the dream you thought up when you were taking those steroids.



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