God is not a psychopath. 

He cannot be in a relationship that is forced. How do you think that you can stay in a relationship like that? 
When Adám chose to leave Eden, God let him go. He let him leave that relationship. He did not go and tell him, “Oh Adám, please reconsider, I’m sure you’re not in your right mind. I’ll give you time to think it over,” because Adám knew the goodness of God, he experienced it for many days. But Adám made his choice, he chose to exit that relationship. 

God cannot stay where He is not wanted. He left, immediately. He did not linger, He left. You on the other hand have lingered for years with people that do not want you. They may not want you for whatever reason, not that you are inheritily bad. Because if you say that, then Adám left because God was bad. But Adám left because he wanted something else. 

“Do not linger where you are not wanted. Do not beg to be kept”- So many people I do not recall

What did we learn from this post? Well when you put it like that, turns out I’m a little bit of a psycho. (Smurk) Nahh I wouldn’t say that (Smurk) 


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