Shaking The Foundation

I understand that this is the reality of the world that we live in. That there are people who are innocent and will die a gruesome death at the hands of those whose hearts no longer see souls but see entitlement, power, and superiority.

I know the world has had many wars and that  many are still going on, and you will tell me why don’t you care so much about Syria and Palestine? But we do.

I don’t know what this is, because even if you blame it on religion, people have minds to differentiate right from wrong; and I believe that if you are doing so much to please God, then He will show you the way. My only conclusion is that those doing this are not actually seeking for God’s acceptance and truth, rather seeking for power of man.

Wars are merely a game for those with money. Just like you sit, gaming on your play station, it’s a game of ranking. You don’t really care about those characters that you shoot because they are not real. Just the same with wars, these people either don’t matter because they are poor, or they come from a different religion.

Humans, who had dreams, who had hopes, who had loved ones; going into a place of worship for sanctuary with their God. My heart does not ache for those, but for those who were left behind.

One lady took her two daughters for the morning mass, she leaves without them. A family goes to church, they leave without a mother. A couple go to have their blessing before they get married; he leaves alone.

The trauma that is now burned in the minds of these innocent ones are now expected to grow and believe in national unity.

All I can see is this country being sucked into a hurricane that will shake it from the roots.

I pray it be short and fast.


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