Listening to the Voices

Fear is a strange thing.

Fear paralyses, and fear boosts you ahead.

I’m not sure if you can apply the same situation to both ends of the spectrum.

I am scared that I am not good enough, so fear can either paralyse me because i believe that lie, or i can choose to defy all the lies in my head and work really hard.

So it’s not really about the fear, it’s about the voices in your head. It’s about which voices you listen to, because in everything you do you have a choice. Which voices do you choose to follow? And how do you make that decision?

The loudest voice is probably the voice that you feed daily, which is probably full of crap. The media, telling you what life SHOULD look like. Self-doubt; your peers, where have they reached and why are you behind?  Family, “we’ve tried everything and still you’re struggling, we don’t know what else to do.”  There are also the  characters in your mind, you don’t know where they came from, or what they are feeding on, but they are just there and the one that you listen to the most is the one that feeds the fear of paralysis.

And then there’s a faint voice, deep in the background that says, “Give it another shot, just change that approach, and you’ll be able to get there.” But this voice is so faint and you rarely ever listen to it that you don’t even recognise it, it’s a mere blur for you.  Drowning out all these different voices and listening to this one seems to go against everything you know.



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