Privileged by birth 

Most of the time people don’t know where you are coming from, they do not understand the journey that you’ve  been on to reach this very step. 

People compare you to standards that they see portrayed whether in the media or in their circle. They will tell a 16 year old girl that she isn’t beautiful enough because she doesn’t look like a woman plastered on the tabloids, who by the way blatantly says that it takes a team of highly trained professionals to get her to look like that. 

It tells a man who now weighs 150kg that he’s TOO FAT to function, when he’s actually already lost 70kg and he’s now on his route to a healthier him. 

It tells a woman who is trying to get clean that she will never make it to the other side, though she was just mustering up the courage to go to her first NA meeting. 

We don’t know each others’ journeys, and the easiest thing we can do is pounce with negative comments that burry the will of the person infront of us and paralyzes their feet from taking the next step. 

Never belittle someone’s steps to be a better version of themselves, no matter how small that step is. Never belittle someone’s position in life, you don’t know how far they’ve had to come to reach the place you were  born in privilege. 


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