Plastered Masks 

Being exposed.Exposing the truth of who you really are, the truth of all the gunk inside that you try to hide in more layers than one. Oh, because its not just one mask. You’ve plastered your face SO many times that you no longer recognize yourself.
You recognize the mask that you let people see; but underneath all of that your face has no features. Blank. It’s been eroded by the years of friction of the masks and the adhesives you’ve put on so much so that your mask will stay on, even when your not trying to hold it up.
But when you are completely alone, you try to take a glance, to see the person under the mask, to see if they still exist. There are days when you can’t even bring yourself to look up; to look yourself in the eye. And the days that you can, all you see are are flashbacks of who you were, a time when you didn’t hate the person in the mirror so much. A time when a smile was genuine, and a tear would fall out of sadness, not out of a plastered face.


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