Battery Low

*Battery Low*

“Hey, do you have a charger I can borrow?”

“Sorry mate.”

Comfort zone, a term that is thrown around often these days. “Great things never came from comfort zones”, we’ve all heard it or something similar.  Our lives are divided up into zones, and most of us are in our comfort zone, standing on the edge looking out to the world of possibilities.

If you are standing on the edge wondering what else is out there, I would say jump. Jump because your mind has already left this place. While your mind scavenges for things beyond what you know, your feet are planted firmly in the ground.

I would say jump, jump, jump. You may discover that you have a talent and can fly, or that you learn something new and are able to use your clothes to glide through the air; or you may fall flat on your face and break a bunch of bones,  but at least you tried right?

One of the things I’ve recently discovered is that comfort zones are not the same as safe zones. Safe zones for me are places or people you can go to when you’ve been drained out; so when you discover that you can’t fly and break a whole bunch of bones you have a place where you can go and you can heal. Like a smart phone, your phone has so many amazing capabilities, but once the battery is dead it is a piece of metal that cannot perform any longer. In its current state the phone is not able to accomplish what is asked of it. Sometimes you will be blessed with with the capability to take a hit after hit, but there will come a time when you can barely lift yourself up.


I think we need to look at ourselves, the same way we look at our phones. Once the phone goes to 20% we start thinking, “Do I really need to have my 3G and wifi and bluetooth on?” and we lower the brightness if we’re not near a plug.

We treasure the battery of our phones so much more than the batteries of our soul. We need to find OUR chargers,the things and people that can help you stand back on your feet; it’s not that they will necessarily prepare you for the next fall, but they will give you the energy to even wonder what is beyond this point. What is it that charges you back up? What is it that when you are depleted helps you regain your strength?

Safe zones are areas that we need to discover for ourselves if we are to continue, because even if you decide to quit on the journey life has taken you on, you will still need energy to stay where you are, or energy to explore other things.

Finding a safe zone before you’re battery is dead? Smart move! Like having a portable charger, you’ll be able to plug into it whenever you need to.


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