Now don’t let your mind wander to see things in people unless they want to show it to you.

Stop trying to read into things. When someone does something for you don’t try to dig deep to understand where they are coming from because you will be sucked into a whole different dimension.

Because sometimes, there is nothing behind it. That’s all it is: a mere action, a mention.

But see, I have a hard time believing that. We are complex beings that are multidimensional, with brains and emotions, and spirits and actions, and they are all intertwined with one another. You cannot separate your actions from your emotions from your spirit.

The tricky part is here: some people will go against their emotions, and put out completely different emotions alongside bizarre actions.

Just because at times you feel like you want to be more honest and direct but you have difficulty doing so, you hope that the actions you take  will speak up for what you want, and you continue hoping someone will read into them; that doesn’t mean that everyone you meet will be the same way, that they hold something deeper. Some people just do things with no meaning behind it. They don’t allow themselves to explore why they feel that way or what caused them to act like this.

Don’t go looking for deeper things, some places you’ll go are shallow, and others will be deep; and sometimes  you’ll only be invited to a point, you’re only allowed into  a certain depth. If people don’t invite you into their deep waters don’t go diving in them when they don’t want you there.


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