Failure Part II

You have to take failure with a grain of salt.

We are a fast track generation.  A generation that was brought up by instant noodles and 3 easy step brownies. A generation brought up by Hollywood and photoshop.

Success was drawn as a young adult who had a job, and had it all together, happy, making a lot of money. Nobody tells you the amount of failure and hard times we face on the way there.  We grow up to believe that failure is bad, and people start labeling people by their achievements, by their successes and failures, to create a hierarchy that best serves them. We are afraid of failure, to not be on the top; you hear them say, “Failure is not an option.”

The fear of failure is overwhelming, to the extent that it can be pralayzing.

Rather than break situations down and see where the issue is, we see it as failure all together.We want to be good at everything we do instentaneously. We don’t see learning lessons, we see the label. “F”

You will see obstacles as failure if you hang out with shallow people (basically our whole society) and that’s all they see in you, and get you to believe it too! That you are only as valuable as your success, your achievements; and once you are not achieving: down the drain you go.

You are not your wins

You are not your losses

You are not your GPA

You are not your salary

You are not your disease/mental illness/addiction

You are not [Insert obstacle or struggle here]

We need to learn to look at things from a learning perspective rather than one of achievement. Maybe then, and only then will we be able to rise up from “failure”

This is coming from the girl that had a breakdown last night and this morning too… (read part 1 to know what I mean. Failing Part I



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