Black hole

Gravity in a black hole is so strong that even light cannot escape once entered.

Emptiness is one of the worst feelings.

It’s not that you are sad, but empty.

And it seems that regardless of what you decide to use as a filling, its like there’s a hole at the bottom of the basket that just sucks everything through. Nothing really stays inside neither happiness nor sadness. It’s just empty.

But not only that its empty, it also sucks things in, just like a black hole. So when there is an input of joy it’s sucked into the emptiness.

It’s a vacuum where nothing can exist inside.

But somehow you’ve come accustomed to floating in nothingness.

The problem that is even if you have the urge or passion, fire cannot be lit in a black hole.

Finding the way out of a black hole? scientifically impossible.  But the emptiness inside,  isn’t about finding the way out. It’s about finding the strength and perseverance to get out of it.

Don’t ask. I woke up like this today.


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