Zombie Feelings

Since we were young we’ve always been taught that sadness and pain are things to get rid of; that these emotions are bad and must not be found often inside of us, and if they are, they should be kept to a minimum and not displayed in public.

Later we were conditioned to see those who show negative emotions often as either people who were abnormal, kill-joys, or freaks. It’s unfortunate that most people feel like they can’t be around others while they feel bad because of the way they are viewed, and the comments that are said,”Dude, chill you’re over doing this” or “Just snap out of it”. We’ve all been there, where we put on a happy mask just to blend in and have people stop saying annoying comments.

What’s worse is that because pain and sadness were things we rejected, we suppressed them, or overlooked them. We never truly learnt how to deal with negative emotions, and though our bodies may mature and we age biologically… we are fumbled at the sign of pain,  we will still do anything so that we do not encounter it. We will drown it.

The problem with drowning out the pain,  is not that you don’t deal with it (which is a problem in itself) but rather that  it’s not like in a video game where you locate the bad guys and kill them. Drowning out pain is like a gas chamber where there are a lot of different individuals  that die at different rates. You kill the ability to feel.


No wonder we have a problem understanding our emotions, they’re sort of alive and dead at the same time, and we are surprised we are  confused!



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